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Citizen Participation at Open Meetings

All meetings are open to the public in accordance with the State Open Meeting Act.

Participating in Committee Meetings

Since all meetings are now virtual meetings, to be able to speak at public comment, you will need to contact Town Hall by noon on the day of the meeting to obtain access for the meeting. You will have to have access to Zoom Conferencing to join the meeting.

    General Citizen Communication

    • Time is set-aside at the beginning of each commissioners meeting for an Open Forum.
    • Time is set-aside at each board / committee meeting for a Citizen Forum.

    Speaking on Specific Agenda Items

    Citizens may speak on most agenda items at the beginning of a meeting as part of the “Citizen’s Comments On Agenda Items”. In addition, citizen input will generally be accepted by the meeting chairperson on individual agenda items as they are addressed during the meeting.

    Time Limits

    The meeting chairperson may limit the number of speakers or the length of testimony / comments.

    Participation at a Work Session

    Citizens are welcome to listen in on work session meetings, but they are typically not permitted to participate.