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Skate Park Rules

The Town of Poolesville does not assume any responsibility for injuries.

The Town of Poolesville reserves the right to close the facility for any circumstances deemed necessary, to restrict entry and/or use for failure to follow the rules, and to modify these rules at any time.

Take pride in your Skate Park by keeping it clean, taking responsibility for your actions, respecting others and respecting yourself.


Skateboarding and skating are hazardous recreational activities.
Use of this facility may result in minor or major injuries that could
result in death. Any use of this facility is at your own risk.

• Skaters must wear shoes, protective helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist pads
• No glass containers, food or beverage allowed on skating surface
• No drugs, alcohol or tobacco products permitted
• No amplified music or disorderly behavior
• No pets in the skatepark area
• Spectators are welcome but must stay out of the skating area
• Additional ramps, jumps or obstacles are not allowed in the skate park
• No bikes or scooters allowed
• Respect the neighborhood. Keep noise to a minimum
• All organized events must have written approval from the Town of Poolesville. No contests or demos without the Town’s permission
• Park hours are from 8:00 AM to sunset unless otherwise posted
• Facility will be closed during inclimate weather