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Pavilion and Field Permits

The permit may be submitted by any resident of the town if it is for personal use. If the permit is for a sports team or organization, the permit must be submitted by the head of the organization, an authorized representative (e.g. Commissioner of a sport or age group) for the organization or individual coach not associated with an organization permit e.g.SAM Soccer). Businesses should be represented by the owner.

Allocation of fields/parks will be in the following order:

  1. Town of Poolesville Municipality Activities
  2. In-town organizations
    a.  Non-profit
    b.  For profit
  3. In-town individuals
  4. County organizations
    a.  Non-profit
    b.  For profit
  5. County individuals
  6. Non-County organizations
    a.  Non-profit
    b.  For profit
  7. Non-County individuals

In the event that a resource is requested by multiple organizations, such as sports teams, the organization with the highest percentage of town residents or representing town residents will be considered over those with a smaller percentage of town residents. Historical use organizations will receive preference over new organizations

Instructions for permit holder

Permit holders may surrender unused time to the town so it may be made available to others who may need/want a field or portion of a park.

Sports organizations permit requests are due by February 15 for the spring season and August 1 for the fall season.

Permits are NOT transferable. Insurance certificate must be presented or on file for Sports Organizations. Permit holder is responsible for cleaning up and any damage to the field.

Parks/Fields Status (Open/Closed)

The fields are considered unavailable if the town closes them due to adverse weather. Do not use the fields if there is standing water on the field, if you sink into the field or play would cause damage to the field. Your permit will be revoked if you use the fields when the town has closed them.

The town will determine on weekdays by 3 PM if the fields are closed or open. Field status designations may be Open, Closed, Partial Closure (e.g. Infield closed, grass areas open, etc.). After 3 PM,the field status will be determined by the on-site official (e.g. Umpire/Referee). Weekend games/practices will be at the coach’s discretion, based upon the posted guidelines for use. These rules and guidelines are also on the User Acknowledgement Page.

Parks/Fields Permit Fees

A rental fee is required. Pavilion rental fees are $60.00 per day. Field permit fees* are $5/hour or partial hour. Total fee is due upon issuance of the permit. The Tournament/Event fee structure (for ages 7 and up) is reflected in the following grid. “Other” refers to items such as Bike Races, Road Races or non-sport events.

Tournament/Event Fees Soccer/Lacrosse $200/Day per field
Baseball/Softball  $400/Day per field
Other $150/Day per field

Teams and Permit Holders will be held responsible for damage to a field.

Cancellations : Refunds/Credits

When requested, credits will be issued for field use cancelled due to inclement weather in accordance with Parks/Fields closure protocol. Account balances will be reconciled at the end of the season.

* Fees may be waived/reduced for non-profits, as determined by town staff

Pavilion and Field Rental Application Information

User Acknowledgement

General Provisions
  • The facility stated above is reserved and subject to inspection by any authorized representative of the commissioners in order to assure proper use of the park property in compliance with the park rules and regulations.
  • The permit must be in the possession of the person to whom it is issued and shown upon request to any above-mentioned representative. The permit holder assumes personal liability for the cost of excessive cleanup of the premises; loss, breakage, or removal of park property and responsibility for the conduct and good order of the group.
  • A copy of the insurance carrier shall be submitted with this application for permit for organizations
  • Permits will be revoked if you are on the field prior to the town opening fields or when fields are closed.
  • Permit requestor is required to read and sign the User Acknowledgement page outlining the rules and guidelines for field use.
  • Electricity not provided for pavilion use

Hours of Operation
  • Town parks, which have lights, shall be open to the public between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Sunday through Saturday, April through October, for all facilities unless otherwise designated. Other months the lighted parks will close at 9:00 PM. It is however required that no field sport activity continue beyond 10:00 PM except by special permission of the Town Manager or authorized designee.
  • Neighborhood and unlighted parks (e.g., Wootton Heights Tot Lot, Campbell Park, Brooks Park and Stevens Park) open at 8:00 AM and close at sundown.
General Rules
The following list is a subset of prohibited activities unless approved by the town Commissioners:
  • Drinking or possession of alcoholic beverages.
  • Money making ventures except for non-profit groups proving 501(c)(3) tax status, and/or as approved by the Parks Board for Town sponsored events.
  • Grazing of any animal.
  • Freeing of animals so as to cause them to remain on park property.
  • Attaching or posting notices, signs or any other objects.
  • Conducting of surveys, interviews, or polls.
  • Using metal detectors and digging into the surface on park property.
Guidelines for field use:
  • No dogs on the field
  • No glass bottles on the field
  • The field is not to be used if it is raining or lightning
  • There is standing water
  • It is wet/muddy
  • The ground, when stepped upon, is soft enough that you sink in
  • Play could result in damaging the field or injury to a player I acknowledge and agree to the above terms.
Confirmation of User Acknowledgement
Please click the following to confirm your acknowledgement of the terms & conditions within:

Remit check to Town of Poolesville, 19712 Beall Street, P.O. Box 158, Poolesville, MD 20837