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Parade/Race Permit Application

Organization Information

Event Information

Insurance Information

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Terms & Requirements

The undersigned acknowledges they understand the Ordinance governing route markings, coordinating with and obtaining Montgomery County Police support, the requirement to comply with all Town regulations and coordinate with and receive the approval of other applicable County and/or State agencies. As required by the County and State law/regulation and that failure to do so will be met with immediate revocation of this permit.

Requirements for Parades, Races and Other Events

1. It is unlawful to conduct any activity that interferes with the normal use by the general public of streets, sidewalks or other public ways or property without having first obtained a permit from the Town of Poolesville.

2. An application for a permit shall be made at least forty-five (45) days before the event on forms provided by the Town and shall contain the following information:

a. Name, address, telephone numbers and email address of sponsoring individual or organization;
b. Date of event;
c. Event’s start and stop times;
d. Event’s start and finish locations and sections of Town streets affected by the event;
e. Approximate number of participants;
f. Approximate number of staff and event officials who will assist in managing the event, including any arrangement for police involvement;
g. Amount and proof of insurance that will apply to any liability arising from the event, and the insurance agent’s name and phone number(s);
h. Detail of the event’s route drawn on Town map (provided as part of application form);
i. Description of efforts in the planning for the event to minimize traffic disruptions within Poolesville;
j. Acknowledgement that the permittee will be responsible for any damage caused by its agents to Town or private property.
k. Such non-refundable Application Fee to the Town of Poolesville as may be adopted by Resolution from time to time. Subject to further Resolution of the Commissioners, the initial Application Fee shall be twenty-five ($25.00) dollars.
l. Prior to the issuance of a parade/race permit, a security deposit in the amount of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00) will be required. This security deposit will be returned, less charges, if applicable, upon satisfactory inspection of the parade/race route by Town personnel or it will be used to offset the Town’s cost to remove markings and/or signage. The Town Manager, at his/her discretion, may waive the requirement for a deposit if he/she is satisfied that the deposit is not necessary to guarantee compliance. The Town Manager may consider, among other relevant factors, past history of compliance and evidence of financial responsibility.

3. A notice shall be published, and verification of such publication provided to the Town, in at least one newspaper of general circulation within the Town of Poolesville at least one week but no more than four weeks before the event, stating the event’s date, start and finish times and locations, and sections of Town streets affected by the event.

4. Permittees shall be responsible for obtaining, coordinating and paying for additional police support and/or safety monitors needed for the event. If the applicant is not able to afford the necessary police protection for the event, then the applicant shall file with the application for a permit an addendum in forma pauperis delineating the circumstances to be considered by the Town.

5. The Town Manager, with recommendations from the Parks and Streets Board, shall grant, grant with conditions or deny the permit and notify the applicant within thirty (30) days of receipt. The Town Manager may consult with the Town Commissioners concerning the application. After issuance, the permit may be revoked at any time before or during the event based on information that the permit is not in public health, safety or welfare. The permit is not transferable to any other sponsoring individual or organization and cannot be used for any different event.

6. All route markers shall be removable or water-soluble. In no case shall permanent markings be placed on streets, sidewalks, street signs, utility poles or any other public property. No signs or other markings shall be placed on private property without owner’s permission. All route markers and other signs shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours after the event, and any such markers or signs, which are not so removed will be removed by the Town at a charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each marker sign. The permittee shall be required to pay for any damage caused by its agents or employees to Town or private property.

Application Fee : $25
Security Deposit : $250
Remit check to Town of Poolesville, 19712 Beall Street, P.O. Box 158, Poolesville, MD 20837