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Meeting Room Rental Application

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The Town of Poolesville permits the use of the Town Hall meeting room for passive uses. The following rules have been established governing the use of the meeting room. This document has been prepared to provide a clear understanding of the expected rights and responsibilities of those using our facility.


Rules and Regulations

  • The meeting room may be permitted to local non-profit groups, associations, book clubs,
  • Poolesville resident must sign permit application and be present during activity Alcohol and tobacco products are not allowed
  • Light refreshments may be served. Luncheons, buffets or other meals are not permitted
  • Admission fees or other charges may not be collected for any function Goods and/or services may not be offered or sold
  • Town Hall and grounds must be lefi ii the same condition as it was found
  • Meeting room doors must remain unlocked during use
  • Use shall not generate significant noise, traffic or other activity, which will disturb nearby residents
  • All activities must conclude by 10:00 PM


Meeting Room Users Responsibilities

All persons using the meeting room must complete the permit application and agree to all the rules and regulations set forth


It is the responsibility of the authorized representative signer of the group to remain on the premises throughout the period for which it is reserved, to ensure the safety and security of the attendees and to further ensure that the attendees observe the rules and regulations governing the meeting room use


The user shall be fully responsible for and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Poolesville from any damage to objects or property belonging to the Town and for any personal injury during or as a result of such use


Meeting room users agree to reimburse Town for any and all damages to Town property including but not limited to walls, floors, grounds, and furniture while property is being used by applicant


Upon completion of the meeting room use, user is responsible for cleaning up and removing all trash. A $50.00 fee will be deducted from your security deposit if the room is left unclean and the Town will reserve the right to deny future use

User must turn key in and satisfy cleaning requirements prior to receiving security deposit refund<./p>

The meeting room is permitted on a non-fee basis to local non-profit organizations

A refundable security deposit of $250.00 is required upon receipt of approved permit application and key

Meeting room may be reserved as available

Annual reservations are from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. An annual reservation may be made for a regularly scheduled activity

All annual reservations expire on June 30 of each year and must be renewed by the submission of a new permit

Meeting room reservations are subject to cancellation upon a special or emergency meeting of the local government

The Town Manager is responsible for managing the public meeting room. The rules outlined in this document shall be implemented by the Town Manager or a duly authorized designee

Failure to comply with the rules and/regulations or engage in misconduct will result in the revocation of a permit and denial of future use

Payable to the Commissioners of Poolesville. refundable upon surrender of the Town Meeting Room in a clean and orderly condition, including the removal of all refuse, resetting all furniture and return of the key.
Remit check to the Commissioners of Poolesville, 19712 Beall Street, P.O. Box 158, Poolesville, MD 20837