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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I open a new water account or transfer an account to a new location?

Water and sewer services are provided by the Town’s own water and sewer system. The municipal water system is serviced by eight wells. The water and sewer bills are issued quarterly. To get your water turned on and setup your account contact Town Hall.

2. I am moving to Poolesville. Who do I contact for water, garbage collections, gas, electric, cable, and telephone. How do I start utility service at my new address?

All your answers about moving to Poolesville can be found on our Welcome to Town page.

3. When is trash and recycling pickup?

Recyclables every Wednesday

Trash collection every Monday and Thursday except holidays

Yard waste every Wednesday between April 1st through January 31st
More information available here.

4. What can I recycle?

Details on recycling are located on the Town Web Site.

5. Is a building permit required when a garage or other accessory building is constructed?

Yes, almost any remodeling or construction requires a building permit. Please contact Town Hall.

6. How do I register to vote – and where do I vote?

Residents qualify to vote in the Poolesville town elections through registration with the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors of Elections.

Elections are held at town hall, located at:
19721 Beall Street
Poolesville, MD 20837

More information on voting and elections.