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Elections & Voting


2020 Town Commission Election

There are two ways that registered voters of Poolesville can vote in the Town Commission election of 2020.  The first will be by mail-in ballot and the second will be voting in person.  To vote by mail-in ballot, the registered voter will NOT need to request a ballot.  The Town will be sending out mail-in ballots the week of October 19th to all registered voters residing within the Town of Poolesville. 

Voting by Mail in Ballot 

Every registered voter in the Town of Poolesville, who is shown as an active voter (on the Montgomery County Voter Registration List on October 2, 2020) will be mailed a paper ballot.  In the envelope will be an affidavit, a ballot, a ballot envelope and a stamped returned envelope. Only the completed ballot by the registered voter is to be placed in the ballot envelope. The affidavit and the ballot envelope are to be placed in the stamped return envelope provided.  This must be returned to Town Hall before 8:00 P.M. on Election Day or posted marked no later than November 3, 2020 and received from the USPS by Noon on November 10, 2020.  

Voting in Person 

You will also be able to vote in-person at Town Hall on Election Day, November 3, 2020 from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, if you have not already cast a mail-in ballot. Please enter through the front doors and follow the instructions of the Election Judges.

“Poolesville Municipal Election” Newsletter

For more information and details regarding the Poolesville 2020 Town Commission Election, please click here



Town elections for Commissioner occur every 2 years.
Elections are held at Town Hall, located at:

19721 Beall Street,  Poolesville, MD 20837


Voter Registration

Residents qualify to vote in the Poolesville Town elections through registration with the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors of Elections.

If you have recently relocated within Poolesville’s corporate limits, please ensure that you have changed your address with the county.


A person is eligible to vote if they:

  • Are 18 years or older at the their last birthday preceding the date of the election
  • Are a citizen of the United States
  • Are not under guardianship proceedings or a judgment of noncompos mentis
  • Have resided within the corporate limits of the Town for 30 days prior to date of the election
  • Have no record of infamous crime

Resident may register with the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors of Elections located at Broome Middle School, 751 Twinbrook Parkway in Rockville. A County Voter Registration packet can be obtained by calling 240-777-8683 and following the recorded message’s instructions.

Candidates for the Office of Commissioner of Poolesville

In order to qualify as a candidate, a person must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older at their last birthday preceding the election
  • Be qualified registered voters for the Town of Poolesville elections
  • Have continuously resided within the town’s corporate limits for at least 6 month prior to the election
  • Have not been convicted of a felony

Any candidate desiring to run for office must file his or her name with the Town Clerk and pay a $10 fee not less than 30 days prior to the election. This shall be filed on an official form furnished by the Town, signed by 25 residents who are qualified voters for the Town of Poolesville elections as stated above.

Absentee Voting

Any qualified, registered voter of the Town of Poolesville who may be absent for any reason from the town on any municipal election day shall make application for an absentee ballot. This application can be downloaded from the town website or picked up at town Hall. The application must be received at town Hall.
Any person registered and otherwise qualified to vote may apply for and submit an emergency absentee ballot at town Hall. This application shall be made under penalty of perjury but without formal oath. Printed forms of applications for absentee ballots in accordance with the requirements of this article shall be prepared by the Poolesville Board of Elections and shall be available to any voter upon request.

Upon receipt of the application, the Poolesville Board of Elections, if satisfied that  the voter qualifies for absentee voting, shall issue to the voter, or the voter’s duly authorized agent, an absentee ballot. The ballot shall be marked by the voter, placed in the provided envelopes, sealed and returned to the Poolesville Board of Elections.

If the voter does not apply in person, the applicant shall designate a voter registered in the town as agent for the purpose of delivering the absentee ballot to the voter, and the agent shall execute an affidavit under penalty of perjury that the ballot was delivered to the voter who submitted the application, was marked by the voter in the agent’s presence, placed in the provided envelopes and sealed in the agent’s presence, and returned, under seal, to the Poolesville Board of Elections by the agent.