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Get Involved

As a resident of Poolesville, you are encouraged to voice your opinions and desires as well as become actively involved in shaping the town’s government policies, programs and decisions.

Participating in Government

We are inspired everyday by the commitment our residents have to the Town of Poolesville.  Our town prospers because of residents like you who take the time to get involved.  We need your brilliant ideas and your support!


You can…



Volunteer for one of the many boards and committees that make recommendations to the commissioners and town departments.

Have Your Say

Influence decisions when it comes to adopting laws, the annual budget, or where to site a new park.  You can speak at a commissioners meeting or at a board or committee meeting.

Seek Elected Office

Learn more about running for elected office, elections, and voting!

Stay Informed & Get Alerts

Get notifications about meeting agendas, government events, fun activities, and more!