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Major Town Project : Fisher Avenue Streetscape

The town is dedicated to streetscape enhancements that will provide safety and beautification improvements to Fisher Avenue. 

Fisher Avenue is the “main street” of Poolesville and is the commercial center of Town.   Fisher Avenue goes through the Town’s Historic District and Village Center.  The 2011 Town Master Plan calls for creating a village scale commercial center along Fisher Avenue.  Important to the Village Center concept is having safe multi-modal transportation options, particularly for pedestrians and bicyclists.  As part of implementing that vision, it was important that the Town of Poolesville have jurisdiction over Fisher Avenue.  To do so, the Town took ownership of Fisher Avenue from Elgin Road to Wootton Avenue from the Maryland Department of Transportation.  

Fisher Avenue is the main transportation link in town from west to east and provides a demarcation of the north and south side of the community.  Being such an important link in the community, the Town is committed to implementing traffic calming improvements and beautification enhancements on Fisher Avenue.  In 2018, the Town held a series of meetings were the public was invited to provide input on future improvements to Fisher Avenue.  Developed from those public workshop meetings, was a streetscape plan for Fisher Avenue, which can be found below.  The improvements in the plan include crosswalk enhancements, a dedicated bike lane, a raised intersection, additional landscape plantings, gateway signage, and a roundabout.

Located along Fisher Avenue, is Whalen Commons, which embodies the center of Poolesville.  Whalen Commons is where nearly all the Town events are held.  Like colonial era town commons, Whalen Commons has been designed to be the meeting location of the community.  As such, it is critical that residents, friends and family feel safe crossing Fisher Avenue.  These physical improvements at the Village Center of the community are representative of the connected community spirit that embodies the identity of Poolesville and its residents.

Click here to review the Fisher Avenue Streetscape Plans.